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   U.S. History and Government Class Index

"Nulla si fa senza volonta"



    AFTER SCHOOL REVIEW Starts Tuesday May 28th 2:30 to 3:30 
Class Topic   Explanations/Activities/Resources/Links  
Class #118
16 1968 The Year in ReviewUS in Vietnam
HW:  Complete Mock Regents Exam on Castle Learning (50 points) Due Wednesday June 5th 
Class #117
16 LBJ and the Great SocietyUS in Vietnam
HW: Review page 98 to 100 of resource book
Class #116

JFK  and LBJ;   Civil Rights - Strains and Gains;  
HW: Review page 98 to 100 of resource book

Class #115
15 Civil Rights Gains 1950s (Journal Entry);  The Cold War Heats UpCivil Rights Pains and Gains
HW: Complete 1920s vs 1950 WS   
Class #114
15  LeningradCivil Rights Gains 1950s (Journal Entry)
HW: Complete 1920s vs 1950 WS    
Class #113
15 QUIZThe Cold War Comes Home  The American people in the 1950s
HW: Review Resource Book page 85, 87-89                                                                                                                              
Class #112
15  The Cold War Comes Home 
HW: Review Resource Book page 85, 87-89                                                                                   
Class #111

Cold War Begins 1945 to 1952 and The Cold War in Asia

HW: Review Resource Book page 85, 87, 88 and 89
Class #110
14  World War II - Dropping the Atomic Bomb and Wartime Civil Liberties
HW: Review Resource Book pages #83 and #84





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