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Essential Questions

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Topic #2 Confederation to Constitution 10/2/2012 to
1. What were the achievements & failures of the Articles of Confederation?


2. How did the framers of the Constitution address the weaknesses of the Articles while trying to avoid a tyrannical government?  


3. How was the conflict over ratification shaped by political, economic and social differences?


Topic #1 The Evolution of the American Character 9/6/2012 to 9/28/2012

1. What are the different interpretations of Jefferson’s words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

2. What were the factors that shaped and influenced the formation of democratic governments in the 13 colonies?

3. What were the factors that shaped and influenced the different economies in the 13 colonies?

4. What were the philosophical and economic arguments that fueled the desire for independence?

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