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Simon Starr The typical Convention Delegate

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Delegates to the Constitutional  Convention






Characteristics of Delegates 
Simon Starr's 

                      READING ON SIMON STARR                                                                  




74 Delegates from 12 states sent to attend.The 55 delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention were a distinguished body of men who represented a cross section of 18th-century American leadership.


They came from the top 5% of the American wealth pyramid (not the artisans and working men that framed state constitutions).


Almost all of them were well-educated men of means who were dominant in their communities and states, and many were also prominent in national affairs. Virtually every one had taken part in the Revolution; at least 29 had served in the Continental forces, most of them in positions of command.


Many of the men were unknown to the old revolutionaries and unknown to state politics. They were men ready to think continentally




Representing the old revolutionary generation

Only 3 had attended the Stamp Act Congress (1765)
Only 8 had signed the Declaration of Independence (1776)
Only a little more that ½ had served in the Continental Congress (1774-81)

Representing the people who the revolution cast up in the position of power in America 

22 had served in the Continental Army, 3 under GW




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Was Simon Starr a typical delegate to the Constitutional Convention? Provide evidence from the reading to support your position  


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