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Journal Entry #23 Imperialism;  An Empire Beyond the Seas 


Journal #22 
Journal Entry #21 (3/11/2013) TR to Taft to The Election of 1912

Journal Entry #20 (3/4/2013) The Impact of Industrialization  Problems of the Late 19th Century

Journal Entry #19 (2/13/2013)  Immigration Patterns

Journal Entry #18
(2/4/2013) Notes and Discussion on the Labor Movement in the United States


Journal Entry #17(1/16/2013)

Generate notes on the Dawes Act and forced assimilation of Native Americans 

Journal Entry #16

Generate notes from video on the Grant and Hayes Presidencies. To view the video play in class click here (fast forward to 11:41)


Journal Entry #15 (1/4/2013)
Create a graphic organizer labled "END of THE CIVIL WAR" Included notes on the following:  Presidential Reconstruction;  Lincoln's Second Inaugural; The Surrender at Appomattox, Assassination of Lincoln;  The Wade Davis Bill. If you need the Talking Points used to generate the notes click here


Journal Entry #14 (12/20/2012)
Generate notes on the video clip "Freedom in America" a 20 minute review of the Civil War. IF you would like to view the video again click here


Journal Entry #13 (12/18/2012)
Generate notes from "10 Days that Changed America- The Battle of Antietam"  This video is nice background information for your upcoming essay on the Emanicpation Proclamation . To review the video click here


Journal Entry #12 (12/14/2012)


The Journal was for Lincoln and against slavery
 Ballston Spa’s newspapers reflected the political divisions of the day


1. What political factions or (flavors)  present in village politics in 1860?  Identify each factions stance



2. Ballston’s political center of gravity, moderately pro-union, but with a significant amount of Southern sympathies?  How does the author explain our village's "Southern sympathies"?


3.  According to prominent citizens of Ballston Spa who had provoked the Civil War


4. As the war dragged on, volunteers were being replaced by conscripts. What is a conscript and why were they needed?



5. Reporting the news of the New York City draft riots had visible effect on the Village.   Provide evidence



Journal Entry #11
Please complete the graphic organizer based on the readings provided: Notes were generated in Harriet Tubman, Soujurner Truth, William Lloyd Garrison, and Frederick Douglass


Journal Entry #10( All Nigh Forever


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