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Labor Movement in the United States

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The Labor Movement in the United States





Historical Context
Between 1865 and 1920 US factories were built to feed the growing demand for the new Industrial infrastructure. As steel factories, coal mines, and industrial specialties developed, the “evils of industrialization” became more and more evident. 



#1 Based on the video clips (Generate Notes)  Gap Between the Rich and the Poor  and class discussion, identify some specific EVILS associated with the industrialization of the United States Consider: Mining, Steal and wage slavery



#2  The American Labor Movement - A History


Knights of Labor


American Federation of Labor


The American Railway Union


Labor Management  (Tools used by both sides)
labor unions had a difficult time achieving their goals of higher pay, shorter hours, and improved working conditions. Factory owners were strongly against the formation of unions









#3  Labor Issues -  Case Studies


Haymarket Riot (1886)
In 1886, there was a great upheaval of labor and the Knights became involved in several May Day strikes, which included several hundred thousand workers across the country.


Homestead Strike (1892)

On the night of July 5, 1892, hundreds of Pinkerton guards boarded barges 5 miles down the river from Homestead and moved toward the plant, where ten thousand strikers and sympathizers waited. The crowd warned the Pinkertons not to step off the barge. A striker lay down on the gangplank, and when a Pinkerton man tried to shove him aside, he fired, wounding the detective in the thigh. In the gunfire that followed on both sides, seven workers were killed



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